Food: Functional Food, dietary supplements, PARNUTs

The demand for natural and healthy food products has clearly increased in recent years. The expanding LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) market segment is pushing the growth rates for functional foods and natural health products.

Especially the aging generation is balancing their normal diet with supplements supporting healthy body functions, such as heart health, joint health or mental health and cognition. An increasing number of overweight people of all age groups are seeking weight management products to support weight loss.

In recent years, PARNUTs have gained increasing interest, as they support medical therapy of certain diseases with nutrient combinations customized for the dietary need of that particular patient group.

Looking at these developments, it is apparent that the market is wide open for innovative functional health products with natural ingredients that appeal to the health conscious consumers.

Product development

analyze realize ag supports you in the successful development and marketing of natural health products from start to finish!

Our services:

  • Creative design of innovative products with efficient and appealing ingredient combinations and innovative formulations
  • Conceptualization of in vitro and animal studies with GLP certified laboratories to determine efficacy and safety of your product
  • Design and realization of tailor-made clinical trials to document efficacy and to substantiate health claims for your products
  • Strategies for IP protection for innovative products
  • Notifications of dietary supplements and PARNUTs in your target markets
  • Design of convincing marketing material to ensure a successful product launch
  • Identification of suitable business partners through our broad network in the nutritional market

Market analysis/Business finding

Detailed insight into the segmentation and trends of the target markets and excellent connections to the players in the market are a prerequisite for successful market entries.

We have had many years of experience in the fields of natural products and health care. Therefore, and due to our connections to business insiders, we can provide outstanding marketing support in different phases of product development.

Our services:

  • Performance of market analyses (turnover, innovation, trends)
  • Strategic planning and development of marketing concepts
  • Compilation of market data
  • Design of marketing brochures and writing of scientific publications
  • Business and license finding support
  • Venture capital finding

Health claims

Health-related benefits make food products extremely attractive to the consumer. The communication of nutritional and health- claims for food products is regulated EU-wide since 1 July 2007 (EC 1924/2006).

Claims have to be approved by the EU Commission before they can be used on food labels and in advertisement. The successful application for a health claim requires the submission of a comprehensive scientific dossier. We are familiar with the very high standards requested by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and constantly very actively involved in the developments since the implementation of the Regulation.

We support you to achieve attractive claims for your products.

Our services:

  • Scientific and strategic advice on wording and substantiation of health claims
  • Evaluation of study protocols with respect to EFSA compliant health claim substantiation
  • Design and realization of clinical trials to substantiate your product-specific health claims
  • Compilation and submission of health claim dossiers for
    • innovative functional health claims (Art. 13.5)
    • disease risk reduction claims (Art. 14)
    • child development and health claims (Art. 14)
  • Active support during the entire EFSA evaluation process of your health claim application.

Novel Food

Food and food ingredients, for which a significant consumption in the EU prior to May 1997 (history of safe food use) cannot be demonstrated, are subject to the Novel Food Regulation (EC) No. 258/97. These products require pre-market authorisation from the European Commission, which is an expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, alternative ways to circumvent a Novel Food application should be evaluated before investing into a full authorisation process.

We support our customers to find the most cost- and time efficient way to market innovative or exotic products on the EU markets.

Our services:

  • Research on the history of safe food use in the EU to avoid a Novel Food classification
  • Identification of alternative "non food" product categories to market your product
  • Achievement of market authorisation in a simplified process by demonstrating "substantial equivalence" to existing products
  • Generation and submission of novel food application dossiers

Product Safety

Food products and food ingredients (plant extracts, flavourings and additives) must comply with the respective food law provisions of the target market, including general requirements for food safety to protect consumer’s health, such as:

  • European communities: Regulation (EC) No 178/2002
  • USA: Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), GRAS

To ensure the legal distribution status of food products and ingredients and to increase the capacity to compete on the international food markets, we advise to compile sufficient scientific documents to document the safety of your product prior the market entry.

Our Services:

  • Individual GAP analysis of the available safety data for your product
  • Conceptualization of in vitro and animal studies with GLP certified laboratories to determine the safety of your product
  • Compilation of suitable data sheets (CoA, shelf life, microbiological activity, allergens, non-GMO, pesticides, MSDS)
  • Product-suitable safety and marketability assessments by certificated experts, which fulfil the latest corresponding national requirements.